Sermons 2014

Knowing that the Most High Rules

Born to Rule

Why the Child Born in Bethlehem Has the Right to Rule the World

All In!

What it Means to Be a Church of Great Faith and Vision

The Road Less Traveled

A Biblical Guide for Handling Conflict

The Majesty of Salvation

Exploring the Great Mountain Peaks of Redemption

The Good Samaritan

What it Takes to Help Broken People Along the Road of Life

But God…

Why Grace Really is So Amazing

Cultivating Contentment In Christ

Rooftop Faith

The Qualities of a Person With Daring Faith


The Marks of a Man of God

Jonathan the Kingmaker

What it Takes to Lift People to a Higher Level


Portrait of a Courageous Mother

The King’s Great Love for Children

Compassion Sunday


What Difference Does the Cross and Empty Tomb Really Make?

Paul: Man on a Mission

Lessons from a Christ-follower who Wouldn’t Be Stopped

To Live Is Christ

Our Great High Priest

Why believers can have full assurance that all is well with their soul

Quenching the Fire

How NOT to Move Forward on Your Spiritual Journey

 Come To Me

Where the Weary and Burdened Soul Can Go to Find Rest

When God’s People are Tested

How to Handle the Storms of Life

Barnabas the Encourager

How to Recognize a Person Who Lives to Put Courage into Others


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