Psalm 1

(Be the Tree, Not the Chaff: June 20, 2017)

Words To Live By

(The Power & Sufficiency of God’s Word: June 11, 2017-Present)

Facing Goliath

(Defeating Your Giants with Courageous Faith: June 04, 2017)

Vital Signs

(May 21-Present)


(Mother’s Day: May 14, 2017)

The Forbidden Tree (James 1:13-18)

Overcoming the Allure of Temptation (April 23-May 07)

The Final Days of Christ

Man of Sorrows, Crucified Savior, Risen Lord (April 02-April 16)

Forged in Fire (James 1:2-12)

How God Uses Adversity to Shape People (Feb 12-March 26)

The Marks of a Bondservant (James 1:1)

 Marks of a Bondservant (Jan 22-Feb 05, 2017)